Monday, 30 April 2012

Big Hair Days

My hair and I, we don't get on. At all. We're like frenemies. Ever since I can remember, my hair has been big. And not in a good way. More like a fuzzy way. So as soon as I was old enough to care, I used to straighten it with my faithful GHDs.

Since then, my hair has definitely changed. In the sense that I chopped it all off, much to the dismay of my mother, and I haven't looked back. My hair is no longer fuzzy, although it does tend to go a little unruly when left to it's own devices (very rarely) or in extreme humidity.

I've grown out of the straighteners phase too. Actually I despise them. They make my thick hair look flat and lifeless. Never a good look. For the past two years or so, I have been using Babyliss Big Hair Hot Styler Brush, and I can honestly say I love it. It gives you that just walked out of the salon look that makes you feel shiny and happy.

I must admit that I am rubbish when it comes to my hair. I don't follow any particular regime, and I don't treat it to any fancy treatments. I feel a little guilty now. The only thing I do once I've washed my hair, is to Babyliss it.

"Use on damp or nearly dry hair and let the large rotating barrel easily create that all-essential volume, while the soft bristles give your hair an amazingly shiny finish."

I started off using the previous model, which didn't have the rotating barrel. That worked like a dream, and when it died on me, I upgraded. It retails at between £40-£45, and I got mine on Amazon. I'm hopeless at blow-drying my hair the regular way, ( lack of hand co-ordination, especially when looking in the mirror) so this is perfect for me. It takes some getting used to, let me tell you. It rotates in both directions, and I can't say I haven't pressed the wrong button at the wrong time, resulting in a little bit of a mess... but once you've practised some you'll become quite the dab hand at it. It takes me about 20 minutes to do my whole head now, and I get a little bit of a work out on my arm. I don't think my short hair makes the most out of the wide barrel, but it still works a treat. I'd say it's worth a go!


Have you tried the Hot Air Styler? What did you think?

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