Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Blue hair days

The closer we get to spring, the worse the weather gets. Today was definitely a day for tights. I love the ribbon neck tie and the floral embroidery on this mustard blouse, and the leather panelled skirt vamps up any outfit. I decided to wear my granny patent loafers, which probably wasn't a good idea in this torrential rain.

Blouse - ASOS
Skirt - Topshop
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins

Having looked through the photos after I've had a shower and removed my make-up and put my jim jams on, I've realised my skirt is twisted and my hair isn't right. And if you hadn't noticed yet, you have now. Oops.

Rings - Topshop

You might be able to tell from the photos that the ends of my hair are blue. This is because I allowed my niece to colour the ends with a wash-out spray she bought from Claire's. I must be going soft in my old age. The can then decided to run out on us halfway through my hair. Epic fail. But, anything for the kids. It certainly kept us amused for 10 minutes.

See you next time!

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