Friday, 4 May 2012

Minty Fresh

There is something so refreshing about this hue. Whether it's on my nails or wrapped around my body, I am definitely enjoying this shade. It's very spring-like, and on trend for this season.

I wouldn't say this is my perfect mint-coloured varnish - this is something that I am yet to find, but nevertheless it is very appealing to me. It's a little bit too green. I love the way this goes on. The brush is U-shaped, so fits neatly around my cuticles, giving the perfect professional finish. I never paint my nails all the way down to the cuticle; ever since I started getting manicures, I realised that this looks so much neater and polished.

The application is good, considering with pastel-y shades it can become streaky. Two coats provide an opaque finish, and it finish is pretty long lasting. I decided to add some sparkle, so went for this 'rainbow' glitter that sends of different colours in the light and seems to complement the mint wonderfully, that I picked up in a supermarket in Kenya... So random, so me.

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