Wednesday, 23 May 2012

What a Delight

Nothing says luxury like Chanel, non? From the Summertime de Chanel 2012 collection, Delight is a uber-pigmented metallic number. It's a bronzey gold colour, and although it is very shimmery and looks incredibly textured, it is smooth to the touch.

It went on perfectly in one coat, very opaque, and you could leave it at that. But I decided to wear 3 coats for a dramatic finish. The application was very easy, no streaking or patchiness. I was dreading the moment when I come to remove it, but in my excitement I managed to make a bit of a mess, and discovered that it comes off very easily, no excessive rubbing required.

As with all the Chanel polishes, I'm sure there will be many cheaper dupes available soon, if there aren't already.

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