Thursday, 10 January 2013

Amazing Face

I first used this cleanser about 2 years ago when my cousin recommended it to me. Back then I was more interested in what I was putting on my face than what I was using to take everything off, so after a few days I got bored became too lazy and went back to using face wipes. Awful, I know.

I started using it again last year just before winter kicked in, and I can't believe I was ever so stupid as to use wipes on my face in the first place! I am loving this, big time.

The Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm removes make-up better than anything I've ever used before. You mix a small amount with a bit of water in your hand and then massage into your skin to clear all traces of make up and dirt. You may look a little scary in the process when your eye liner and mascara is smeared all over your face (as tempted as I was I'll save you the frightful picture to support this comment) but that's as bad as it gets! You then use a wet flannel to get rid of all the gunk for good. It may take another minute than your usual make-up removers, but boy does that minute make it worth it.

The main ingredients in this balm include Moringa seed extract, Vitamin E, Mandarin extracts and rose, all of which contribute to keeping your skin revitalised and nourished. As well as using it as a cleanser, I am also prone to using it as a mask to give my dry skin a quick boost. I even rub a little on to my lips.

The starter kit (£42.00) comes with a 100ml tub of the cleansing balm , a cleansing cloth and a small tub of exfoliating seeds which can be mixed in to use as an exfoliater, although I personally feel these are too harsh for my face. The 100ml on it's own is £34.00, or you can get a huge 200ml tub for £44.95 exclusively at QVC.

It's so good that my sister and mum are also both converts! Have you tried it?

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