Monday, 15 October 2012

Sequins and Leather

Don't you just love it when you picture something in your mind, and then you stumble upon that exact thing whilst browsing around. I do, though I can't say my bank balance feels the same way.

This leather skirt was one such purchase that I came across whilst on my regular lunch time stroll (through the aisles of H&M). After the pleated skirt frenzy that came about last winter, I thought I'd snap up this faux-leather aka PU skirt before it flew off the racks and I was left empty handed. Said pleated skirt is now up for grabs on ebay for something ridonculous as £60+, and I'm sure it was half the price in the shops!

A bit of a gothic look with the head-to-toe black and the burgundy lips, although the sequinned sleeves do bring some shimmer to it. Can't say I didn't enjoy being a goth for the night however!

What do you think of leather?

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