Tuesday, 7 May 2013

It's a Ring Thing

Top-finger rings, above-knuckle rings, mid-rings; whatever you may call them, I seem to have developed a slight obsession with them. I find the thinner style more elegant to regular rings, and I love the look these small accessories add to any outfit. My fingers prefer them too, as they tend to feel suffocated and irritated when I wear regular rings! I don't wear them all at once as pictured, although I do feel tempted sometimes, but I do wear several on both hands. More is definitely more, in this case! These rings look especially good when accessorised with a bright nail colour. These rings are easy to stack, and you can double them up on each finger with a ring between each knuckle.

Gold is my go-to choice for jewellery. It suits my skin tone better, and I prefer the overall look it gives.

1. 2 pack, Aldo, £6
5. 2 pack, ebay, £3

Nail polish: Rimmel 60 Seconds in Sun Downer

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