Sunday, 17 June 2012

Pinky fingers

How hot is this pink? (Geddit?!) Like a magpie and shiny things, my eyes seem naturally attracted to bright colours. I saw this colour, Collide by Illamasqua, when I was browsing the shelves of Sephora during my Las Vegas vacation. It found it's way into my basket faster than you can say mine (along with a few other things, but we'll save those for another time.)

I've never worn an Illamasqua polish before, but I can say I was very pleased with the application. The polish itself is kinda runny, but in a good way. The brush size is perfect for a neat finish, and the colour payoff is fabulous. It looks just as good on my nails as it does in the bottle. I only picked up a slight tan while I was out there, but I can imagine this to look amazing on tanned skin. Definitely a good purchase!

In terms of my blogging, I have been slacking immensely, but I promise to change my ways!

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